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  • Infants
  • 6 weeks - 12 months

    Your infant will feel safe in the loving and nurturing environment provided at Small Miracle. Strong, positive, and secure relationships will be maintained. These are key elements to social and emotional development for your infant.

    We will provide a consistent, yet flexible routine. This routine will acknowledge the best times for stopping in during the day to feed or play with your infant. Parents are always welcomed to stop in and visit their child. 

    At Small Miracle, you will find caring and supportive teachers who provide safe and stable environments that support your infant's growing independence. This environment will promote a healthy sense of self while connecting with others.

    Each infant is given individual care and attention by holding, talking to, rocking, and playing to ensure your baby will feel loved. We will also help your infant develop their motor skills by encouraging them to explore. Separate and appropriate places for sleeping, eating, and diapering will be provided to ensure a safe and healthy environment.

    At Small Miracle, we welcome the opportunity to provide your infant with a loving and caring atmosphere.

    We will use an electronic daily sheet program called Tadpoles to keep track of your child's day; eating, diapering, sleeping, activities, reminders and special notes. At the end of each day your child's daily sheet will be emailed to you. We also use this program to take pictures throughout the day and they will also be emailed to you. This program helps to keep open communication with families and allows a way for you to have a window into your child's day!