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  • Toddlers
  • 12 months - 2 years

    Toddlers are eager and curious learners, yet very active. They are gaining knowledge and understanding of themselves and the world around them with every step and stumble.

    We will be by your child's side to assist them with every experience of daily living here at Small Miracle. The fun and loving environment will also be a place for socialization for your toddler as well as a climate of trust.

    Routine becomes very important to toddlers, and will be enforced with music and art activities that will help your toddler develop early educational skills. Some other daily activities will include playing outside or in the gym. These activities will give your toddler the opportunity to run, jump or climb as well as free play.

    During free play your toddler will be encouraged to explore and learn. Free play will also teach your toddler to share and put away their toys when they are finished. A wide variety of the aforementioned activity centers will be provided because learning is best learned through self-exploration.

    Consistency and teamwork plays a significant role when potty-training toddlers. We will work with you to coordinate your potty-training ways at home with our daily program. By working hand in hand, Small Miracle can help ease this otherwise stressful transition.

    We will use an electronic daily sheet program called Tadpoles to keep track of your child's day; eating, diapering, toileting, sleeping, activities, reminders and special notes. At the end of each day your child's daily sheet will be emailed to you. We also use this program to take pictures throughout the day and they will also be emailed to you. This program helps to keep open communication with families and allows a way for you to have a window into your child's day!